These books are full of exactly the kind of namby-pamby PC pinko crap that's ruining every status quo held preciousssss by a Narcissistic Racist Sexist Homophobic Dipshit aka Vox Day.
How utterly frightful these tremendously wicked books must be!


Foz Meadows outlines the vile racist screeds from Theo which detail his objections to N. K. Jemisin’s voice being given any attention.

Her website is far more edifying reading:

N(ora). K. Jemisin is an author of speculative fiction short stories and novels who lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been nominated for the Hugo (twice), the Nebula (twice), and the World Fantasy Award; shortlisted for the Crawford, the Gemmell Morningstar, and the Tiptree; and she has won a Locus Award for Best First Novel as well as the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award.

Her short fiction has been published in pro markets such as Clarkesworld, Postscripts, Strange Horizons, and Baen’s Universe; semipro markets such as Ideomancer and Abyss & Apex; and podcast markets and print anthologies. Her short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” received Hugo and Nebula nominations.

Her first five novels, the Inheritance Trilogy and the Dreamblood (duology), are out now from Orbit Books. (Samples available in the Books section; see top navigation buttons.) Her novels are represented by Lucienne Diver of the Knight Agency.

She is the recipient of a Gulliver Travel Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation (and a judge for the 2010 grant jury), and a graduate of the Viable Paradise writing workshop. She is currently a member of the Altered Fluid writing group. In addition to writing, she is a counseling psychologist (specializing in career counseling), a sometime hiker and biker, and a political/feminist/anti-racist blogger.

N. K. Jemisin is published by the Hachette Book Group

The Shadowed Sun The Killing Moon The Kingdom of Gods The Broken Kingdoms The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

"One of the cross-dressing lights of the New Equalitarians created a helpful list of the most censorious liberal fascists in the SFWA. With one or two exceptions, it’s a useful list of nobodies and mediocrities whose books you now know you can safely continue to ignore."


Here is the list Theo published on Wednesday, June 05, 2013 in a post titled “Seriously Fascist Women’s Association”.  These authors will have expanded individual entries on this tumblr in time.

The original list to which Theo refers was compiled by Jim C. Hines, who added a few more links after Theo’s post which Theo didn’t bother to add, but I’m sure he’d think they were equally unworthy of readers.

Added 6/5/2013:

  • Liz Argall: Thank you for Your Disappointment. “It’s like other sexist fiascoes that have happened elsewhere. Even if you believe men will always pinch bottoms in elevators, it’s still more useful to be appalled and talk about it.”
  • Terra LeMay: “I’m not sure I’ll have time to write a longer post about SFWA, but count me among those members disappointed by the recent Bulletin issues.
  • Cora Buhlert: Revenge of the Girl Cooties. “Sorry, but people saying ‘This is kind of sexist’ is not censorship, sorry.”
  • Tansy Rayner Roberts: Why It’s Important. “…this is why it matters that a professional industry journal should not publish a piece, even a deliberately backwards-looking opinion piece, which belittles and patronises women.”
  • Eric Zawadski: That SFWA Thing. “There is a commonly-held Internet fallacy that any negative response to your opinions is a form of censorship, and this article is thick with it.”
  • Catherine Shaffer: Just Because You’re Not Offended Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Offensive. “Other people being offended by things I am not actually generates useful conversations and improves the world for us all.”
  • Kat Goodwin: You Be Ladies Now, Ya Hear! “And voices like Resnick, Malzberg and Henderson are not ignored, nor evil, nor do they have nothing to contribute as members and authors to the field. But because their viewpoints on women are so exclusionary, they can’t be the main voices speaking for the Bulletin or SFWA…”
  • Stephanie Leary: The SFWA Bulletin. “…the very fact that Ad Week picked up on the story illustrates why SFWA’s teacup tempest is a big deal: the Bulletin is one of the primary ways the organization presents itself to the public.”
  • Larry Kollar: Writing Wibbles. “I find this head-desking incredible. I’m a middle-aged whitebread dude, and I have my issues, but I fracking try to do better.”

Added 6/6/2013:

One final related link, from Laura Resnick. Thoughts from a Different Resnick.


Theo reckons that an author who’s been multiply-nominated for the Hugo Award in science fiction and is a three-term president of the Science Fiction Writers of America is a desperately derivative hack whose many failings are only exceeded by the drones who clamour for more of his books. He also calls Scalzi by the terrifically amusing and not at all repellently assholish nickname “McRapey” because satire.

If you prefer to check out Scalzi’s books for yourself, hie thee to to find out more.

John Scalzi’s books can be bought online via,,, iTunes and He asks you to consider purchasing it from your favourite local independent bookseller though, if you have one.

Ob Flaming Sword Shot: What else is one to do when one senses the frightfulness of books exuding such a severe deficit of Superior Manly Wisdom?

Ob Flaming Sword Shot: What else is one to do when one senses the frightfulness of books exuding such a severe deficit of Superior Manly Wisdom?


I decided that the world would be a better place with a tumblr that lists all the authors/books who/which have garnered the fearful ire of Libertarian Creationist Anti-Feminist and all around genius Theodore Beale. Because then all you namby-pamby PC Gamma Rabbits can find them more easily!

I’m customising away and will soon have a Submit button etc.  Bear with.